About Kaynayştır - WasteCykler

Waste Sorted Chunky Systems


BNC INVESTMENT,  based in London – England ,  provides multinational services and makes investments in the fields of energy, real estate, technology and mining,  .The company carries out the works of development and production of equipments for handling, sorting and getting ready for recycling of waste automatically sorted on-site with Automatic and Patented On-Site Waste Sorting System Kaynayştır- Wastecykler produced by our company with the value it gives to ecosystem and recycling.

Kaynaştır automatically sortes waste like packaging, domestic waste, frying oil, textile, metal and battery, glass in high-rise buildings, sites, hospitals, universities, and high-potential central roads and streets as automation of the separation of waste on-site.

Kaynayştır system supports producers and consumers about zero waste by allowing waste to be sorted 100% without mixing and by sorting waste ready for recycling in automatic and  userfriedly-way for users in the building and area where the system is installed.

Kaynayştır system, which is an electro-mechanical and pneumatic infrastructure system that can be installed later in  buildings and also the first in Turkey and in the  World, was awarded first place in NASA-JPL held in 2010.

Our system was put into practice in TOKI buildings with the support of our company and the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and the cooperation of Tokat Municipality in 2010.

This system sortes dry, sorted packaging and domestic waste on-site for all institutions and organizations which recycle or want to recylce. At the same time, Kaynayştır systems, enabling to sorte waste oil and batteries without mixing with water and soil, prevent us from contaminating nature.

In addition to Kaynayştır System’s contribution to nature, it facilitates life with its ergonomic and easy to use and provide a practical and completely harmless earning money way. Kaynayştır Systems are an indispensable product for cities which have hygienic, modern, zero waste sensitivity.