On site- In An instant

Users in the site where the system is installed throw their waste into the system selecting the waste they want to recycle from the user interface.


Productive Waste Sorting System

In terms of type of chosen waste products, the waste that user included in the system takes its place in the reserved compartment for itself and waits for recylcling.



All materials which are included in the system help us preserve nature by recycling with related technologies.



System Intake Doors

 Intake Doors have electromagnetic interlocking and automation system which allow opening of only one door at a time and lock all doors during cleaning and maintenance. There are LED lamps on each intake doors indicating whether  the door status are available – in busy – maintenance condition.



System Floor Connection

 It is the module that delivers the garbage chute to the floors via intake doors.  Intake Doors are mounted on the Chute Intake. This Chute Intake was designed according to 6 system features and it enables that garbage can be thrown from the intake doors to the garbage chute easily thanks to its certain angle. The inside of the Chute Intake is 180mm. There is a sprinkler on the top of the Chute Intake and a 1/2 ″ sleeve for the connection of the washing nozzle. The outer surface of the garbage chute is covered with a sound insulation material of 1.7kg / m² and 2mm thickness to remove unwanted noise caused by the garbage falling into the chute.


Ventilation / Exhaust Fan

Ventilation must be available in automated and manual systems and dirty gases and odor created in the chute should be delivered to the roof by forced traction or mechanical means. The fan, which can be used in both systems, is located at the top of the ventilation chimney. The fan would optionally be used as continuously or when one of the doors are opened or closed . The working speed is determined by the operator, which are slow, medium or fast. The fan used in our systems operates silently and without vibration.


Cleaning System

 The manual brush is optimized to completely clean the inner surface of the garbage chute. The double layer hard nylon brushes with a size of 10 cm keep the inner  surface clean and its durability at the maximum level.

– 500mm – 600mm – 700mm – 800mm – 900mm



Garbage chutes are designed to collect garbage of buildings in a center. Most garbage chutes contain a offset to prevent garbage from falling directly into the Garbage Trolleys and  damaging them. An independent suspension offset was developed to prevent any damage caused by a garbage drop. Additionally, this product prevents unwanted noise from the garbage drop and prolongs the life of the chutes.


Fire Shutter Door

  • Our UL certified fire dampers melt at a temperature +72° C and prevent reaching the fire to the upper compartments by closing the system.
  • It is made using high quality galvanized or stainless steel materials that are resistant to high temperatures.
  • The damper works with two springs that be a minimum tension force of 35N. The springs are made of AISI301 stainless spring steel.
  • It is made of high quality 1.2mm galvanized steel. Depending on the special demand, it can be ordered in the desired color with electrostatic painting.